24-hour Emergency Tree Service

Avoid Storm Damage From Falling Trees & Limbs

Prepare for the Unexpected Weather

Most damages to commercial properties during severe weather events occur due to falling trees and limbs. High winds and saturated soil conditions, typical of summer storms can cause tree roots to fail and branches to weaken. Let us take a look at your trees and ensure they are prepared for possible storms.

While it is impossible to totally protect your trees and property from severe storms, there are some basic procedures that can help reduce the risk of damage. The licensed and insured arborists at AAA Tree Service can help.

Thorough Tree Inspections

We will fully inspect trees and conduct a more detailed assessment if needed. This could even include a climbing inspection or an analysis of decay that may be present on the branches, stems, or roots.

Take Effective Action

After the inspection, we may recommend appropriate treatments such as pruning, installation of supportive cables or braces and even lightning protection systems. Removal is only suggested when necessary.

Evaluate the Health of Your Trees

Our team has the expertise to evaluate the trees on your property for a variety of defects and conditions that can predispose them for failure. We also have the training and equipment to safely remove anything that is putting your home or business in harm’s way. Call us for same-day or 24 HR emergency services.