Demolition & Removal Services

Demolition & Removal Services

AAA Tree Service Long Island, NY demolishes high-rise buildings, bridges, industrial plants, warehouses, apartment buildings and personal residences.AAA Tree Service is an expert in Demolition and Removal. While it does the bulk of its demolition work for commercial enterprises and government projects, we also handle residential demolition work on Long Island and in the five boroughs. AAA Tree Service we handle both interior and exterior demolition using hand and machine methods to ensure safe and thorough results.  AAA Tree Service is your local demolition service. We handle all aspects from permitting to final grade.  As local demolition experts we serve all of Long Island. You can trust AAA Tree Service and  demolition services to get your project finished on time every time.

Fast & Efficient Demolition Services

We’re experts in demolition, getting the job done as expected. After a thorough evaluation and plan, we follow through completing the job as agreed. Of course, if there are trees on the property that need to be removed at the same time, we will take care of them. Also if you have trees or other items that need to be preserved during the demolition process we will make sure to follow the demolition plan.

Professional Demolition Team

The Demolition crew at AAA Tree Service are dismantling experts who take special care so that work is performed seamlessly and without interruption. All projects are handled with the safety of both the customer and our employees. Our crews are sensitive to and careful to complete the demolition taking in to consideration regarding dust, noise and vibration.

Our demolition and dismantlement capabilities include removal of the following items:
Structural and non-structural components, floor, wall and ceiling finishes, mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems, all concrete and masonry construction. AAA Tree Service NY engineers handle pre-project planning, while expert technicians, operators and supervisors are on site to direct each step of the process. AAA Tree Service. Whether dismantling a factory building, removing underground oil tanks or excavating land for developers, AAA Tree Service uses the greatest care and environmentally sound techniques to accomplish each step in the demolition process.

Final Grade and Clean Up

When we are completed with the demolition, you will have a clean lot ready for your next steps of the project. We are capable of final dressing of the property after the removal. This can include top dressing the property, grinding stumps or removing and even installing sod.

Let’s talk today about our demolition services and your project. We can discuss options, time frames and other requirements. AAA Tree Service is ready to help you take care of any demolition needs.