Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning Service

The day you plant a tree is the day you begin to have to prune a tree.
But do you need tree trimming or tree pruning?
Tree pruning occurs annually before the tree’s blooming cycle to remove dead and loose branches – health and safety. Tree trimming occurs a few times a year (or more, depending on the tree) to manage the tree’s shape and growth – aesthetics.

Tree pruning is like an annual physical. Tree trimming is the occasional check up.

Too often homeowners and businesses leave trees unattended for several years. This neglect results in poor growth, shading out and limb breakage. The purpose of pruning a young tree is to control its shape by developing a strong, well-balanced framework of scaffold branches.

AAA Tree Service has many years of experience and training in professionally handling any tree pruning or fruit tree pruning work you may need. Each year our team handles various tree pruning work from customers who only trust AAA Tree Service!

Perfectly pruned fruit trees add beauty to people’s homes and we can keep your non-fruit trees, shrubs and palms pruned to look their best.

Whether you want perfectly pruned trees or fruit trees, sprawling lawn and manicured flower beds or a natural look in limited space, we can find the right combination of turf, plants, trees and other landscaping features to bring your plans to life.

Our goal is to ensure the complete satisfaction of every client we work with while offering knowledgeable and friendly service at competitive rates.


Enjoy a free consultation on your tree pruning needs from AAA Tree Service backed by our 100 percent guarantee.