Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Services

Professional Storm Damage Tree Cleanup Services

Storms can have a devastating effect on your home and property. Strong winds can scatter dead branches, leaves, and even entire trees all over your premises. Looking out at your yard and seeing it full of plant debris can feel daunting. Where do you even start?

At each independently owned and operated Monster Tree Service location, our team of arborists is ready to tackle storm damage cleanups large and small.

Don’t worry about taking care of overwhelming, potentially dangerous tree debris removal; we’ve got this.
After the winds have blown through, request a free online quote for tree debris cleanup.

What Happens to Your Trees in a Storm

Trees are hardy, but even the toughest are affected by powerful storms. Trees can lose healthy leaves and whole branches to strong winds. Hail, ice, and heavy, wet snow can pull down limbs. Even lightning may strike a trunk, causing damage.
The heaviest winds can damage a tree’s bark, split tree forks, tear off dead or dying limbs, and even uproot and fell whole trees. Ice storms, tornadoes, and hurricanes can cause severe damage.

The Tree Debris Cleanup Process

You’re on your way to a quick recovery when you hire AAA Tree Service.

During our storm cleanup and tree debris-removal service, you can expect your team of trained, experienced arborists to:

  1. Assess your damage to prioritize emergencies first.
  2. Take care of any branches, limbs, or downed trees that threaten your property or safety.
  3. Systematically remove any downed limbs or trees.
  4. Use professional equipment to cut and remove large sections of trees.
  5. Inspect your remaining trees for damage that could cause health problems and recommend a course of action.
  6. Clean up the remaining plant debris from your yard and remove it from your property.
  7. Offer plant health care options and plans to help encourage optimal tree health.

We clean up after any size post-storm mess, from a full storm-damaged tree removal service to clearing small debris that clutters your yard.

Why Hire Professional Yard Cleanup Services After a Storm

Storms can create a dangerous situation by severely damaging the landscaping that surrounds your home. When you hire AAA Tree Service for tree damage cleanup, our expert teams:

  • Save you time and effort. Cleaning up storm damage can take days of hard work for a single person to complete. Storm damage tree removal and debris cleanup take the chore out of your hands.
  • Handle monster messes. Some storm damage is too significant – and potentially too dangerous – to handle alone. We have the experience and specialized equipment to complete a sizable cleanup job safely and quickly.
  • Inspect trees for potential dangers. Sometimes, storms damage trees in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. Our arborists can help identify if a limb is barely holding on, if damaged bark can no longer protect the trunk, or if a tree is unstable and likely to come down in the next storm.
  • Minimize further damage. Unfortunately, trees and limbs don’t always come down on open, grassy areas. When a tree lands on your home, another structure, or a living tree, our professional crews have the experience to minimize further damage as we remove it.
  • Provide tree cleanup and tree care in the same visit. If your trees are damaged but salvageable, we recommend the best action to bring them back to health. We provide services like insect and disease management to keep pests out of wounds to the tree or cabling and bracing to save damaged trunks and limbs.
  • Haul away debris. You don’t have to worry about hauling downed trees to the dump or cutting up branches small enough that curbside yard waste pickup will take them. We handle hauling away debris and leave your yard clean.

Find Post-Storm Tree Debris Removal Near Me

Storm damage tree cleanup can be a big job, but it doesn’t have to be burdensome to you. When you choose AAA Tree Service, you’re putting your yard in the hands of experienced tree experts. Call 631-254-0045 today or request a free quote online.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does homeowner’s insurance cover storm damage from trees?

Homeowner’s insurance typically covers damage from – and removal of – storm-damaged trees that fall on your home or other structures due to natural causes. Your insurance policy may also cover trees that fall anywhere on your property due to fire or lightning. However, it may not cover the damage if your tree was poorly maintained and lost due to owner negligence. Contact your insurance agent to learn more about your coverage.

Why are trees uprooted during a storm?

The pressure from wind, water, hail, and ice can all overload a tree, causing it to uproot, especially if the root system is shallow or small or if the soil is damp.